Bengals players deliver surprise to elementary school

Dre Kirkpatrick, A.J. Green give bikes to kids

CINCINNATI — When the students at Saint Bernard Elementary School sang “Bengal Bells,” they thought they were just singing a Cincinnati-themed parody of a classic holiday song.

Little did they know, they’d be getting a visit from Dre Kirkpatrick and A.J. Green.

“I’m starting to be a Cincinnati native, and I got to take care of home, and this is home for me right now,” Kirkpatrick said.

But the Bengals players did more than just show up for a pep rally. They brought over 300 surprises with them. More than 300 bikes of all colors, shapes, and sizes stood in the gymnasium at Saint Bernard, and every child will get to take one home as they leave for winter break.

“Just seeing some of their faces, some of them have never rode a bike before, some of them can’t afford bikes, so it’s a very humbling experience,” Green said.

It’s more than humbling for Kirkpatrick, it’s personal.

“If I had just had somebody to talk to that was on a platform or on that level, because I come from where most of these kids come from,” said Kirkpatrick.

And toward the end of a stressful season, it’s a good reminder of what matters most.

“We play this game of football. It’s just a game. We’re blessed to play it, but coming here and seeing the reality outside (the) locker room, it’s bigger than the game,” said Green.

“I just wanted these kids to know that anything is possible no matter what situation you’re in or where you come from. You got people who love you and make sure you take advantage of it,” said Kirkpatrick.

That’s a good message any time of the year.

By: Vanessa Richardson
Updated: December 20, 2017, 7:51 am